Harissa and maple carrots

I’m pretty good at keeping up with this blog thing, eh? I have a tendency to walk into the kitchen and just start grabbing things out of the fridge and putting a dish together and, and only once it’s in the oven/pot/pan/my stomach, do I remember that I should have documented the process for this.… Continue reading Harissa and maple carrots

The wilds of Taiwan, pt. 2

The village we stayed in demonstrated a cohesion that is difficult to find now. Many homes had the capability of being a B&B or eating house, but the villagers banded together and spread the possibilities among different homes, so that everyone could benefit monetarily from tourists, not just a few. That is how we ended… Continue reading The wilds of Taiwan, pt. 2

Pasties (Cornish or not)

  I used to have piano lessons after school on Thursdays and these were usually the more exciting snack days. Once a term or so, I would get a pasty. My favorites were always the ones that were highly peppered and came with diced, not sliced, vegetables. There is something fun about eating your meal and… Continue reading Pasties (Cornish or not)